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Tattoo Studio Dublin

Our talented group of tattoo artists have a wide range of styles and specialities including black & grey, traditional, realism, conceptual, tribal, new & old school Dot work, portrait, trash polka, surrealism and colourful & watercolour styles. We have the best tattoo artists in Dublin in there respective styles.

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Piercing Studio Dublin

Are Wildcat the best piercers in Dublin? Like it says in the ad, probably. Wildcat have some of the most experienced piercers in Ireland. Not surprising since we have been piercing since 1999, and that’s a lot of piercings.

If you’re looking for directions to one of our Piercing Studios in Dublin Click Here.

Wildcat Ink has been tattooing and piercing in Dublin since 1999 and has built a reputation for solid work and for excellent customer care. Over the past twenty odd years we have gone from strength to strength – in both reputation and recognition – for excellent tattoos and piercings, whilst maintaining a friendly and open attitude to working with our clients. Click BOOK NOW to visit one of our three Wildcat Ink Tattoo Parlors in Dublin City Center Locations or drop in and speak to one of our friendly Wildcat staff to learn more, book in, or ask about availability for a walk-in tattoo or piercing. If you’re looking for a tattoo in Dublin look no further. We have the best artists in their own styles so we are your one stop shop to find the best tattoo artist for you. Wildcat Ink has three Tattoo shops in Dublin so we have plenty of space for your tattoo. To browse some of Dublins best tattoo artists you can go to our artist page. You can then Book in with your tattoo artist by clicking BOOK NOW below, then by selecting the artist you’d like to book your tattoo for in Dublin. Alternativley you can click BOOK NOW and submit your tattoo idea, and someone will be in touch to discuss which artist suits you best.

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