Celtic Knot Work – the Father Daughter Knot a great tattoo idea.

Celtic tattoo designs – Knotwork.

It seems like no matter how much tattoo styles and trends evolve over time, there will always be a few classic categories that have a constant stream of loyal fans. The Celtic swirls and designs so often seen on traditional Irish jewellery and on our ancient manuscripts in museums like the lettering and illustrations seen within The Book Of Kells have always proved very popular as tattoos both in men and women alike. Their striking lines and interwoven shapes make a great visual impact, and they lend themselves easily to adaptation, Father Daughter Knot Wildcat Inkbecoming an upper arm cuff, a broader back piece, or even as a delicate self-contained symbol the size of a Post-It. You’ll find their popularity soar even higher beyond these green shores, as many who might have Irish family connections will often get a Celtic design to reflect their cultural heritage. As well as these cultural & historic reasons, it could also be far simpler; some folks just like the look of ‘em. Here we are going to take a look at Celtic knotwork and more specifically the Father Daughter Knot.


The knots motif within Celtic design artwork is well worth a look if you’re on the lookout for a Celtic-type tattoo that has some sense of meaning behind it. While they are very popular, it’s always worth doing a bit of research to ensure you don’t spot the same thing every other day on someone else.

The Father Daughter Knot.

With this in mind, might we suggest a beautiful symbol that, according to some circles (no pun intended), illustrates the beauty and interconnectedness of the father / daughter relationship. There’s some internet speculation that this particular knot style is based on the story of Brighid who was sitting next to her dying father nursing him. As she kept him company she began weaving an intricate knot from some rushes. Her father noticed her handiwork and asked what she was making. She explained that although each loop exists on its own, it is unable to be separated from the whole. Just as the knots within the cross are interwoven, we remain constantly connected with loved ones who have passed away, although in a different form. The connection is maintained with the promise of reuniting with our departed loved ones when we ourselves cross over.

Now isn’t that just lovely? We’re all about the good stories behind the art here at Wildcat. The Father Daughter Knot is only one example of the different Celtic tattoo Ideas. If you are looking for Ideas or want to turn your ideas into the perfect tattoo get in touch with us for a consultation.

Tattoo Tune Up

Ever heard of the word ‘WHOP’?

Neither have I.

But apparently I have it tattooed on my arm. What people don’t realise is that’s a question mark, not a P. So why do I have ‘WHO?’ tattooed on my arm? Well that’s a long, interesting, hilarious story (at least that’s what I tell people when I’m not going to explain it).

tattoo tune up

My point is that we all know someone who has that shitty tattoo that didn’t turn out, or that they regret. You know the ones: the ‘name of your ex’ tattoo; the ‘No Regrets’ tattoo where regret is spelled with one R; that Gary Glitter tattoo you got in the 80’s; that Jimmy Savile tattoo you got in the 80’s; that Bill Cosby tattoo you got in the 80’s; pretty much any celebrity tattoo you got in the 80’s.


To combat this injustice, Wildcat have created the Tattoo Tune Up competition.


“People send us pictures of their dodgy tattoo, we put the best ones on our facebook page where people can vote on their favourite, and whoever gets the most votes, wins a free cover-up”, explains the Wildcat marketing manager, Peter Slankster.

Check out Paula’s cover-up story here


Peter explains how they plan on running this competition every couple of months and how the last winner “had a big piece on his back which took four full-day sessions to cover up… The value of the prize depends what’s being covered up and what it’s being covered up with.”


But that’s not the only competition they currently have in the works. “We produce a timelapse video of the session and tell the story behind the dodgy tattoo. We also run a competition looking for original music to be used in the video. The winner gets a €500 Wildcat voucher and a €500 Music Maker voucher.”

Have a listen to the latest entrants


Peter tells me that once the whole campaign is finished, they will begin preparing for another round of the Tattoo Tune-Up competition. “It will probably start some time in July so if you want a heads-up, just sign up to our mailing list.”


If you want us to let you know when the contest launches sign up below and we’ll send you a reminder.

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