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PIERCING APPOINTMENTS are made through our booking app, are live and will only show the slots currently available in each studio. You must pay a deposit during the booking process to secure a slot. Once you have completed the booking you will receive a confirmation email showing the time, date and studio chosen by you.

FLASH TATTOO APPOINTMENTS – Flash tattoos are pre-designed pieces of artwork that tattoo artists create. They provide clients with a ready-made selection of stunning visuals to choose from, making the decision-making process easier and more convenient. The designs are pre-drawn and ready to be inked but still create a unique handcrafted tattoo.

TATTOO APPOINTMENTS/QUOTES – Booking a custom tattoo appointment is a bit more complicated as we required additional information before we can allocate a space to you. By clicking on the “Tattoo Quotes & Appointments” button above, and completing the form, you will provide us with the necessary information to move forward with booking an appointment. There is no deposit required until an artist is chosen, quote is given and a date/time agreed. Completing the form does not commit you to having the tattoo done in Wildcat Ink nor does it confirm your preferred dates/times. Please Contact us if you have any questions about how to book a tattoo artist Dublin.

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Wildcat Ink has some of the best Tattoo artists in Dublin. This means that no matter what style of tattoo you’re looking for, chances are, we have a tattoo artist in Dublin who will be excited to work with you to create your dream Tattoo. Our friendly staff are happy to discuss any questions you might have about our tattoo artists in either of our three Dublin city tattoo studio locations so please don’t hestitate to pop in or call us today. Our head piercers are some of the most experiences professional piercers in Ireland and we always adhere to the strictest hygene and steralisation process’s that are used in medical facilities. We spare no expense and make every best effort to ensure your experience with us is second to none. Book a tattoo artist by clicking tattoo quotes & appointments above.

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