Piercing & Body Mods

Body Piercing (noun) – The piercing of holes in parts of the body other than the ear lobes in order to insert rings or other decorative objects. (Oxford English Dictionary)

Body piercing has been practiced around the world for aesthetic, spiritual, sexual and cultural reasons at least 5000 years. Over the past millennia, it has gained and lost popularity and fashionability in various cultures, including ancient Roman, Indian, American & African tribal. In Western culture it has continued to gain in popularity in sub-cultural contexts since the 2nd half of the last century, becoming part of mainstream culture in the 1990s.
Wildcat Ink’s piercers are proud to be a part of this tradition and to be members of ABMAI, Ireland’s professional association for the tattoo and piercing industry. All of our piercing staff strive to continually develop their skills and understanding of body piercing in order to provide you with the best possible piercing experience.


We would love to chat with you about your next piercing in a clean, friendly & professional atmosphere. Please call or email us, or drop into either of our studios to book an appointment or free consultation.

Please be aware that during the piercing appointment lovers, family or friends are only allowed in the room at the discretion of the piercer. If it is not possible for them to remain with you, they can wait in the front area of the studio and visit briefly. No children or animals can be permitted in the tattoo room at any time. This is for everyone’s safety. Thank you for understanding.
Don’t forget to bring ID if you are lucky enough to look under 21.